Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting and Prices (Available in Leduc)

Does your dog find it stressful being left in a kennel when you go on vacation? Look no further. We will come take care of your dog at your home while you are gone, so your dog can have the same stress-free vacation that you receive. We offer two types of services with limited availability.

Many pets like a routine, and when you put them in a crate to fly somewhere, or put them in a kennel, it can cause much unneeded stress. This may also put your pet at a greater risk of illness which may be caught in one of these strange new environments. Having a pet sitter ensures that your pet can keep its routine by eating, exercising, sleeping and receiving medication at its usual times. Your pets will get to stay in their own home, keeping the sights, sounds and smells all consistent. By hiring a professional you know that your pet is in great hands and receiving consistent, personalized care.

Streamline K9 Services is fully insured, and bonded for your peace of mind and ours.

In-House Sitting(Option 1)-starting at $50/day* (Offered until August 10/2015)

In Home Pet SittingA trusted staff member will come live in your house while you are gone, taking care of your pets, keeping them on the same schedules and taking care of your house. The staff member will do their best to leave the house exactly the way you left it so you can’t even tell they were there. If anything happens to your house or pet while you are gone, you will be notified immediately.

Your dog will receive lots of exercise, and if discussed beforehand, it’s possible to combine some training services while you are gone so you can return to a better-behaved dog.

Having someone stay the night in your house not only will give you peace of mind about your pet, but also is a great deterrant to crime while you are away.

We understand being weary of having a stranger stay in your house, which is why we are more than willing to meet and get to know you beforehand free of charge for 30 minutes to make sure you are comfortable with us and that we are comfortable with your pet. This also gives you a chance to give us a walk-through, covering all expectations. Call or email now to set up an appointment!

Check-In(Option 2) $25/half hour visit*  (Leduc only)

Pet Sitting

Don’t want someone living in your house but want to be able to leave your pets at home? We will come by and check in on your animal, feed them, walk them, play with them… As an added, we will do a walk about your property to make sure nothing has gone wrong with your house including vandalism, burst pipes or anything else that may have gone wrong, as well as turn lights on or off if you so wish, and bring in your mail, making your house appear occupied. The average visit lasts approximately 1 hour allowing for your pet to have lots of exercise and tender loving care.

This is also a great choice if you are working long hours and just need someone to check in on your pets while you are at work.

Talk to us about our dog training services if you are looking for some training to be done while you are away. Dog training rates will apply.


*For dog walks please see  dog walking rates. Other fees may be required for additional work required by owner.