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Dog Training & Prices

We understand that every person and every dog is not alike. This is why we offer customized dog training solutions for every client to get the results desired, working with your schedule. We will work with you to set up a training schedule and stick with you until you get the results you want. We offer a balanced training method, with knowledge of other training methods, in order to make sure you receive training and instruction that will get you the results you need. We will happily work with you to train your dog, or pick up your dog(for an hour at a time) to train and transfer commands. Your first step to take is to have a consultation which is a pre-requisite to all private training offered. For more information on how Private Training will benefit you, click here.


Initial Consult-$180* (1-2 hours long)

Having a strong relationship between you and your trainer is vital. The initial consult is a time to meet, go over goals, expectations and needs. Your trainer will discuss and help make sure that your goals are reasonable and help to set up a plan on how to achieve your goals and begin training. This is the first step to making your relationship grow with your canine friend. The initial consult takes between 1-2 hours and sometimes is all that is needed to set your relationship with your dog back on the right track.

Private Obedience Training-$90/hr*

Get the attention you and your dog need through private obedience training. This training is done at your home, as well as random locations, that will be discussed in advance to make sure your dog performs well in all conditions. Whether you just got your first puppy and need to teach it basic commands, or you need to solidify your commands and make them stronger, this is the option for you. The amount of time to meet your goals will be discussed during the initial consult and will vary depending on the commands you wish to teach your dog, to what degree, and your level of commitment to see the training through.

Private Behaviour Modification-$90/hr*Wetaskiwin Dog Training

If your dog is causing problems, we are happy to help. Dog training is done at your home or where the problem persists. No problem is the exact same so we will work with you to find a solution that works for both you and your dog. All breeds and problems will be considered, however we will only help rehabilitate dogs and do not train dogs for protection. Amount of time required will depend on the issue and can greatly vary between dogs.

Extra Support-free

If you have a question while training with us about something previously covered, we will be happy to assist over email or phone. Although immediate help may not be available, we will do our best to give you a timely response the same day in order to ensure that your dog recieves the training needed for success.

*Dog training done outside of Leduc may be subject to an additional travel fee of $0.50/km roundtrip or $1.00/km from the distance travelled to your place.